Face Book Friend Drama

Hello Facebook friends

You know I like you

And I know ya’ll like me too


Thank you for the birthday love

No cake and candles

Your likes was enough!


Facebook Friends

I know you get me,

I know my Facebook friends you’ll never hit me

You make me feel so good


I can tell you all my secrets

I know you’ll never leek it

I trust you with my moods my dream my hopes

I know you’ll like them.


What? Who said I was a Thot?

That friend of a friend I thought I blocked

Who is she to post on my wall?

Well she is a rachet after all


But my so called friends they liked that

One said, “Yeah, you know she be like that!”

Yeah she is not that pretty

In this pic she even looks FAT!


They liked and liked

They tagged and Shared

Messaged and screen shot

Tweeted, Snap Chat! What’s App? What!

I thought they loved me

But they never cared!


Facebook Friends?

Facebook Friends?

I think not!




Hello Facebook

Who are you?

My friends?


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