as Christians you must know that
we are excellent
We are the excellence of Christ to our world
His righteousness
Perfect in Him
Complete in Him
We are his computer system to our world, built to be problem solvers.
We've SWITCHED ON to be a better user of life, for There's therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus.
We've LOGGED OFF our life from sin, for what communion has light with darkness?
We are COLD BOOTING into a better life of divine calling, and that means RESTARTING those good moments with Christ.
We've got ANTI-VIRUS in our body system, so no weapon formed or fashioned against us prospers, for greater is he that is in us than they that are in the world.
We've got something higher than GOOGLE,WIKIPEDiA or any other search site in our brains, and that is the Bible, the very reason why we are made wiser than our teachers.
Then on our tongues and hearts we've got PASSWORD, which keeps our tongue from evil and our lips from speaking deceit.
There's no need for EXTERNAL MEMORY when we already have a RAM beyond volume, don't forget that the memory of the righteous is blessed

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My family
My community
My country
Our world
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