Because I Love You

The first time our eyes met we felt a connection

Automatic, we drove straight into adolescent affection

Our love was forbidden, everything was kept hidden

From the eyes of others our love was objectionable

To us it started to become questionable

There were days where we pretended we didn't know each other

Some days where we were always together

Days where I wouldn't hear a single word from you

Days where I wouldn't even get to see you

I put so much trust into you so I didn't think much of it

Trust and loyalty was what kept us closely knit

Nowadays monetary value defines a "real" relationship

Then this relationship must be odd

No exchange of gifts, just feelings robbed

You had nothing and you gave me nothing

But it didn't matter to me

You accepted all my flaws, I accepted all your faults

You taught me lessons to life

I taught you lessons to life

Neither of us cared about our dark background

Acceptance to the truth was the way around

As time passes our loves turns toxic

All that was built becomes chaotic

You left.

I didn't stop you, I couldn't hold on to you because you and I both knew we were weighing each other down

I had to let you go for the sake of us to grow as beings

To recover from the emotional scars we've left

Somehow you always seem to come back

They say that times flies but you keep breaking its wings

The thoughts where I fantasize of you and I waking at sunrise no longer crosses my mind

I constantly have to push you away, I apologize

I had to let go for the better 

To let you see what you really want in life

To focus on your priorities 

To better yourself as a person

To realize reality 

We must say goodbye

With glazed glistening teary eyes you stare and ask me "Why?"

And I say

"Because I love you."



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