Forbidden Love

It started with a kiss.
A kiss that i never had before.
From that sleepless nights
When were together.

Holding hands while she lies at my arms
Whispering "i love you", as she stares at my face
Kissing my nose, my cheeks and my forehead
And even in y hands,
She also does it.

Combing my hair gently
Making me feel that im not alone.

I feels heaven when im with her,
I dont have to think for anything else.

I care for her and she cares for me a lot
Wiped my sweat, saying "I'll take care of you, honey!"

I love her and she loves me too.
Wanting me to be her husband,
But I said, " No! Its wrong!"
Even if i also want it too...

I did the right thing, but it really hurts me too.

Love is so unfair, its my weakness.
Now, i believe in the saying.

Love is wisdom of the fools,
And the foolies of the wise."

I am not a fool...
But supposed to be ONE.

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My community
Our world
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