"Wake Up"

Society is crippling, tainting our vision.
Painting an image, imitating a perfect picture.
Perceiving a standard every woman should meet.
Pitting woman against woman in the race to be "beat". 

Society is our judge and women we are on trial.
Justifying a women's beauty by her size.
Amounting her worth by the width of her thighs.
Categorizing her by size of her belly. 
The roll of her hips.
The fullness of her lips.

Tearing down her self-esteem leaving her to question where her beauty really is.
She looks to find the answer in society's lies.
Be thinner.
Get thicker.
Wear less clothes.
Are the answers society defines?

We strive to be bad, on fleek and known by many.
Abandoning our crowns just to be labeled as "dimes".
We search for acceptance in a man’s eyes.
Blind to the fact that in his eyes your beauty is in what lies between your thighs.
#TeamLighskin and #TeamDarkSkin is another of society lies
To pit us beautiful black women against each other when we all come from the same line.

Beautiful queens on top of their throne.
Subjecting ourselves to abuse, put downs and downgrades.
Society forcing our minds to believe that beauty is only found when mimicked from a page.
Our birth names abandoned and replaced by curse words.
B*tches, hoes & thots are names we now answer to.

We cause no uproar when denounced from our names because society has made you believe that this is the "new thing".
The cute boys, rap artists and others now refer to us as this.
So we smile with gleam and have no shame because

Another garden tool. 
Another female dog.
Is what society has told us we have become.
Another notch on a man’s belt
Another housewife.
Another fat girl, skinny girl, ugly girl
Are only some of the names that they use to belittle us today.

We throw down our crowns in replace if inches and short shorts.
Abandoning our educations for smoking, drinking, sex and "turn ups".
Babies are raising babies.
We are becoming mothers before graduation.

We are entering the real world with no education.
No preparation.
Trying to be beyond our times. 
Morals are gone, standards erased.
We are straying off course Women, forgetting our place. 

No more positive images to look up to.
Nothing to strive for. 
Number of teenage mothers is at an all-time high while graduation seats go unfilled more and more. 
No more dreams to be doctors, lawyers or nurses.
We wish to be #WCW or have the most MK purses.

Sex with no contraceptive, making ourselves susceptible.
Education no connection.
Our future losing direction.
This cycle is unacceptable. 
Women we have lost connection within ourselves & it’s time to reconnect with us.

Am I thin enough?
Thick enough? 
Are the questions that now linger?
Stop thinking were in competition, we're beautiful equals.
The time for change is now and that one thing is clear
What is thick? 
What is thin?
Who is someone else to tell you what type of beauty is "in"
It's time to break down the lies.
We are all sisters of beauty.
My beautiful women please stand up, it's time to open your eyes.

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Our world
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