2016 and My Love for Life

In 2016, I was in my own world. A place where I don't feel crazy, misunderstood, or just old. In my world, it always rained and I danced hand in hand with my old, gypsy soul and became a better version of myself as time went on. I was distant from my friends and had no idea I was so silent. I was content the way I was. I was adventurous and experimental during this year. YOLO rang throughout my being and in my bones and was engraved within my heart like a tattoo.  A permanent message. "I wonder what would happen..." was basically a catchphrase before I did anything outside of my comfort zone. I danced outside of my comfort zone a lot, but I stayed in my comfort zone when I had to. Life was the hurricane that I fell deeply in love with and, no matter how life tossed, turned, and left me in a daze, I loved it with the entirety of my being and I never wanted to waste a single second of it on anything that didn't help me be me. I was a lone wolf who lived life contently in my own world who saw the best in the world and parts worth improving and I fell in love with its flaws. I loved everything with an intense passion that left me teary-eyed. I look back on those days and see the difference. A year older in physical form, but a decade older in spirit. My passion has died down a bit, but trust me when I say that it's still there. I don't cry like I used to about it, but I still love this world immensely and I love life even more. I thank God for... everything. It's more than I ever asked for and I'd never change a single thing because it's all amazing. I'm too grateful and I love it all SO much. Thank God for it all. As they say, "Bless This Mess". Thank God. Thank God. Amen. <3

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