Her Thoughts (Cinderella's)


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Happily ever after.

But would there be any happiness

in my ever after?

He took me away

with a future set unknown

He showed me

He loves me 

He says his heart 

really wants me.

I feel the same

But would we be


'Cause truly

I don't know if these feelings

would be equally.

For years at least.

You see my brain has been painted

with happiness and joy

And I've been tortured, 

only been nurtured

in my mother's arms.

Only been cared for

at my father's sight...

The only thing I want 

is to find something 

to rest in, nest in, thrive in and feel alive in.

Something like home. 

But would he be the home?

That will love and accepts me...

My crazy headed, full of happiness,

animal lover self.


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Our world
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