The Voice of Love Within

It’s about time, I’ve been expecting you. Where have you been?

Was the notion of receiving endearment such a dreadful thing that you ran away from me?

Or was it the words uttered from between the lips of those who demolish your heart with the painful things they’d say to you? The very things that cause you to say “I. Hate. Me”.  


You’ve been away for some time, I’m very pleased that you can hear me. I’ve missed the way you pranced throughout your kitchen without a care in the world.

Dancing with you was always so much fun! Why do you hate me sometimes?

You grumble about the length of your arms and the width of your body; but you haven’t taken time to notice that they’re the very things that make you look so angelic as you dance.


You are absolutely beautiful beyond measure! Will you please pay attention!  I look beyond your physical being and discern a heart made of pure gold! I know that you see it.

Don’t focus on what they said to you, your words are the only ones of true significance!


You’re smiling. That smile has always been so amazing.

I’m sorry i’ve been away for so long. I’ve missed me. The real me.


The me who would admire my hands as a child and stare in the mirror because I knew I was a creation of perfection. The voices in my head used to make me numb to the pain of this world.


You’re teaching me to turn those voices into positive breaths of life that I pump into my spirit making me alive once again. I’m here now. I love you. I promise never to leave your side again.


Because you’re the very thing that keeps me alive, I found true love.

Right here. In the depths of my soul.


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