A Solution to a Resolution

Every year starts with a resolution for many, but for me it was an epiphany.

First some humor; resolution broken down is, "re-solution,"

Ironic for the majority carrying over the same goal year to year.

Anyway, my epiphany was what's the point in lying to myself?

I don't need a resolution. I need action.

Simply telling yourself to be better doesn't generally help.

All it does is set you up for frustration and sanction.

Rather than a resolution I made a declaration.

I'm sick of the status quo of society and the conformity.

I'm sick of having set ways of how to do simple tasks.

My declaration was to be myself and express curiosity.

I want to stop being simple and create an impact.

I tend to find powerful lyrics in music and base my actions on them.

"What would you do if someone offered you there pain?

Would you lend them a hand or walk away?" -Omar LinX, Fly Away

In a world that's increasingly selfish a little kindness goes a long way.

I believe the reason we don't help is because of judgment.

We are forced to fight an internal battle where we choke on words we want to say.

My declaration is to be a better person and break down reluctance.

Question: How can you be something you want if you can't even be yourself?

The hardest part of changing is dealing with ignorance.

If you're pursuing reality the first step is to accept there will be hardships.

You'll lose ties with some and time with yourself to reach deliverance.

Stay strong and know that the power of reality is tough to harness.

Are you observant?

Have you recognized a pattern? Something new?

Are you confused? Curious? Because that's progress.

You're not alone in anything you face.

Stay strong, keep fighting for what you believe at your own pace.

Creating change and a better self isn't an easy task.

You're on an unique road, but that doesn't mean if you need help you can't ask.

Breaking the mold is difficult. You need to take some risks.

Express yourself and find people who will truly benefit you.

Start small and build up, because every journey starts with one step.



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