Mon, 08/10/2020 - 02:22 -- Shielo

I keep on thinking and reminding myself

that I'm worthy,

I have a purpose,

I am strong 

and I am loved


Every time they throw words on me

It keeps on stinging and breaking my heart

It seemed like there's someone who keeps on whispering in my mind

and keeps on saying that I'm useless, weak and they hated me for that 


I'm now drown to loneliness and sadness that I felt,

I can't breath,

I can't move,

it feels like all the parts of my body are numbing and bleeding


I keep on calming myself,

trying to wipe the tears that's currently falling on my cheeks

but I think they're right,

I'm weak, 

that I couldn't even fight the enemy in my head

that I even let her kill me with the words that she whisper


I always asked myself,

Do they know how to appreciate?

or they just don't know the word "appreciate"?


Do they know that I exist or 

they just keep on covering their own eyes 

so that they will not see me?


I keep hating and drowning myself 

to loneliness and sadness that anytime could kill me,

but I think this is the place where I belong,

where silence is my friend,

and darkness is my home.


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