Forgotten Child

Wed, 06/22/2016 - 20:09 -- key3634


United States
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Life was always easy

Everyday a new adventure

Going to the park or exploring the yard

No worries no stress

Just her and the bright blue sky

That was before the storm

Now the grass is dead

And the birds don’t chirp

Now her home no longer feels like home

Abandoned by she

Decisions were made after months of thinking

And plans were set in stone never to be forgotten

But she she was forgotten

The forgotten child who wanted to grow up

The bird that flew from the nest

She didn’t go far scared she may want to look back

Their arms were still open but there words did not match

The forgotten child now broken to the core

With nowhere to go

No peace within

Everything’s a mess

It’s hard to be the forgotten child

So she takes her pen

Grabs her paper

And forgets as reality begins to fade



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My family
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