Messed Up Mixture

Messed up mixture

Written By: Ashley Young


Why can't we all just be non belligerent?

When will we understand everyone is different?

If this were acknowledged the world would be exceptional.

Why can't we all get along and it be acceptable?

Everyone has a story and to each their own.

So please don't judge unless their story is well known.

She always receives straight A's in school,

But that never stopped her from being treated like a fool.

She was never afraid to be herself,

Now that idea is at home on the top shelf.

Her smile and personality wouldn't have contorted,

If only more people would have supported.

Why can't we all just go on with our day,

Without having something mean to say?

I know people tend to believe that words don't hurt,

But sometimes they are worse than being pushed in the dirt.

She does not believe that she is worth it

But She's trying so hard to make them think she is perfect

So She can't help but fall through the cracks

the tears just keep leaving behind their tracks.

She looks in the mirror and immediately bursts into tears.

The voices come back and it hurts her ears.

She's trying hard to be just like you but how can she ever succeed.

Each of your hurtful words have planted a seed

her mind is a full garden of thorns

the roses all wilted away and none are being reborn

each flower that grows only dies

Because her head is so full of the lies

Telling her that she's weak

Nobody there to give her the answers she will always seek.

She knows the world is a cruel place.

She fears she's only taking up space.

I'll never understand why others put her down.

She gave them the satisfaction of turning her smile into a frown.

You always have a choice in the matter at hand,

It's time to get up and take a stand.

Take a moment to stop and think,

it seems something bad happens every time I blink.

A single action can always be multiplied

a single event and a girl has died.

she didn't meet society's definition,

she gave up hope without gaining suspicion.

Her mother walked in to see her there,

no preparation could have helped her prepare.

The girl's life was gone and all she left was a note,

she tried her best to explain the rope around her throat.

Now take another moment and try to understand,

our society has a serious problem at hand.

The people kids look up to are setting a bad example,

good and bad decisions we need to unscramble.

television shows creating more influences.

it's no longer okay to show your differences.

famous people teaching that showing skin is the new normality,

I'm not enjoying this messed up reality.

take another moment to look,

hopefully you took the bait and I've got you on the hook.

I'm not sure how all of this started,

technology is causing intelligence to be departed.

everything has to be updated and new,

if it isn't it seems society looks down on you.

boys thinking it's okay to wear their pants on the ground,

girls believing they need to lose another pound.

If not they feel like they arent pretty

in my opinion this is very s*****.

Stop and think before you do.

A single decision could become you.

a word you say 

could take another persons life away

dont call her that name

her happiness is not a game

This is not an xbox and you cant hit restart

this is real life and it could tear hers apart

I don't know just stop and think.

Is this information going in your brain and starting to sink

Is it really worth it

When she takes that final step  you'll feel like s*** .

You are so smart

don't let bad decisions tear your life or hers apart.

I wish we could go back and restart the times,

maybe stop all of these  suicides and crimes.

take another second to look at the big picture,

our society is one messed up mixture.

Why can't we focus on what really matters,

Instead of on the things that causes people to shatter?

WE could be looking for the good in one another,

instead of causing SO MANY to suffer. 




(This poem was at one point a featured story of mine on a website called wattpad where my username is nofirstimpressions (if you need to check). I had it taken down after a little while though because i recieved comments that were very hurtful towards it. I have editted it and tweaked many of the mistakes I found. If the original work needs to be shown, i have it saved and can easily submit it as well. Thank you for reading this poem and i hope you enjoyed it.) 

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