Becoming Elliot - My Trans Experience

Call me Elliot

That's my name

Unusual, yes but all the same

A rebel cry against the gods

My future present, despite all odds


Call me Elliot

Take my hand

A crashing wave against the sand

A strike

A leap

A dare

A blow

This place I thought I'd never know


Call me Elliot

I'll be safe

I've finally found a resting place

No terrified bile to rise in my throat

Because now I wear my courage coat


Call me Elliot

Until the end

And from the world my brethren send

I'll protect them here and let them grow

Into the boys they thought they'd never know


Call me Elliot

While I dance

A prince who found his second chance

We'll leap like dreams pushed off their shelves

And stand up proudly, finally ourselves

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