Summer of 2016 - A Year With Abusive Love

Can I have your number baby girl?          Yes, amor.

Can I be your man beautiful?          Yes, amor.

I need your address love.          If you say so, then okay, amor.

Where are you now teddy bear?          With friends, amor.

Boys or girls?          Does it matter, amor?

Tell me now!          A boy, amor.

       Give me your exact location now!          I’m only at the park, amor.

        Don’t tell me it’s our park.

        Don’t tell me you took another boy to our park!

                                               It’s not like that, we’re only hanging out, I love you.

                     I’m on my way!

                    Your little “boyfriend” better run.

                    You better pray I don’t get there quick!

                                                                Please relax…amor, what do you mean?

                                      You make me so mad.

                                       After all, I’ve done for you!

                                       I hate you!

                                       This is all you, you did this!

                                                                                       Amor, please, please stop!


Jazz: Did he ever really get there?

Me: Yea and my friend left running. I never thought he’d hit me though…

I was covered in bruises.

Jazz: Did it hurt, were you crying?

Jazz: What did he say?

Me: Yea, it did. I don’t think I stopped crying that day at all.

Sometimes I still see it in my mind. 

When he finished… he raised my head up by my chin.

His words still so clear, he whispered…

Me: “Because I love you."

       #Thats Not Love

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