Thanks to Mom

My Mom has blessed me with a lifetime of precious knowlege and gifts that only a Mother could, and that is what I do not want to ever have to think of doing without, and who I would want by my side during the harshest of circumstances, as she is strong like the might oak, who has weathered her own deamons, just swaying with the stream of circumstances that flooded her path, and through her strength and counsel, has shown me there is NOTHING I CANNOT DO!   ( poem below )


My Mom.....

Role model and clown

Always a sense of humor

The cup always half full

Humble servant of the most high

A Love for all people



Comforter to me, when life seemed to be falling apart

My sounding board that never cracked no matter how many darts I threw

Proving hard work pays off

Smiling up at me from the audience

Showing me that it is never too late

Smiling up at her from the audience

I could have never survived this long with her.........

Someday.... I only hope I know what to do.....


Sarah V.



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My family
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