Is It All Worth It

Is it worth it to have someone in your life?

Is it all worth it to just be alone

Is it all worth it to just to be alive

Is it all worth anything in life

Thing is you need a person who like what is in the inside

For some they only like for what you have

Some might even just like you for what you have in the outside

A person needs to love you for who you are

You don’t always need a person to live in your life

A person has to treat you right

When you are beaten for stupid reasons

But you say he or she loves me

It isn’t right

the truth is you don’t always need a person to live in your life

To be alive for some it is like a prison and one way out

For some they say life is a blessing or even maybe paradise

For some but very few would say life is worth more than anything else

To me it is all three

But only one is the true me

It would be the need to be truly free

This life is hard, I could barely breathe at all in life

But in death I wouldn't have to suffer in life

If it were a paradise where there is nothing to worry

A place where you won’t have to suffer

A place where you could be truly free

But it is all a lie that was a given promise

And now it is gone  

The lies of life

You would be wondering why is life even worth living

To most people life is worth living

But for what it doesn't explain much at all

What is life, there is nothing that explains it

A person is born then dies

If a person were to truly live it would be forever without pain

Without the worry, without the death

You wouldn't suffer you wouldn't live in fear,

You would just live forever

But also you be living in paradise

The things we do in life it is all worth meaning but for some they just don’t see that

This is for all who think what is worth it all

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My family
My community
My country
Our world
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