Mon, 07/30/2018 - 09:42 -- Darbi


Have to get his picture

don’t know his name

never seen him before today

He needs to be punished

They won’t put in the effort without a name

Or a picture


Turn around

need to see your face

Gross comments

All down the halls

Any girl that catches his eye

Fingers running through my hair

Shock disgust


Have to get his picture


Got it



Can’t speak

Office now





That can’t be right

An overwhelming majority


Most women will be sexually assaulted or harassed in their lifetime



Yet most stay silent

Never say a word

It happens to everyone

Why bother

Nothing will ever change



“Others have it worse,”


“You don’t have enough evidence, move on”

Concerned Bystander:

“But what were you wearing?”



Yeah it happens

Happens to millions every year

So fight

Stand up and say “me too”

Because you matter

Your experiences matter

Your voice will lead to change


Awareness brings action

Action brings results

80% becomes 70

70 becomes 60

60 to 50

Then 40%

Suddenly the majority of women

Are not victims of sexual assault

Suddenly the numbers of male and female victims

Are equal


What happens then?

I couldn’t tell you

But we’ll never know unless we act

Do not stay silent

Do not let yourself be silenced

Scream it for all the world to hear if you need to

But speak your truth

Because you are not alone

And you far from insignificant


Revolutions have to start somewhere

They start with a problem

And one person

One person who stands up and screams

“No more!”


No more shame

Fear or denial

Keeping it hidden in a closet

Under lock and key

So the world will never know

No more backlash

“You deserved it”

“You should be thankful”

“Have you tried looking a little less gay?”


No more rejection

“Are you sure?”

“But did you say no?”

“If it did happen, you would have said something sooner.”


No more excuses

“Boys will be boys”

“You’re asking for it in those clothes”

“That’s just the way it is”






In the office:

“He came up behind me.

Ran his fingers through my hair

“Wanna suck my dick?”


Dean’s office:

“Yeah, I have a daughter.

Would hate to have something like this happen to her”

No promise of intervention

Do something damn it!


Sent back to class:

Mom has a look in her eyes

She and Dad stay

Have a little talk with administration


At home:

“We got him expelled”


#Me Too


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