Dear Sinners

If waking up was such a nightmare,

Then why go to sleep,

Cause every night we pray to God,

You have our souls to keep,

But when our feelings come around,

We think emotions are deep,

Then when Jesus was dangling on that cross,

We fell down on our knees,

And he's yelling,

Forgive them father for they know not what they have done,

While kids are in the projects selling drugs,

And maybe carrying guns,

So yeah I go to church,

But in the meantime I may turn my back,

I may be getting drunk,

Smoking weed,

Or even snorting crack,

This is the hood I got rejected,

No one really cares,

But when Jesus life was on that cross,

His life was spare,

He got whipped so many times with nails through his hand and feet,

But remember Jesus told us to go after the least of these,

He said when you do anything to them you have done it to me,

Remember the crown of throns on my head,

And still a gift of grace to recieve,

I will put my spirit in your body to give you a servants heart,

But God if I am unworthy then why not set me apart,

Because you will be like Jesus to those kids,

So continue to walk in my faith,

I have given you power in my spirit,

And his robe as your cape 

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