My Mother By Choice

To the woman who has an eventful life-

One of eleven kids, a crazy Roman Catholic family

A woman who always had to fight

Who can still play ball like no bodys business

-the skill that was your ticket out (almost)

a mother at 17

(I was not that baby)

There was little reason for you to stay, but you did

Strength shining through you to be a beacon of hope and stability for myself

You have the fairy tale life, in appearence (coming from the bookworm)

A wonderful man, the knight that became your husband

Another child, this one the child that would bring me into your life 

Through the crude work, the rude people, and dismal situations- you held fast

When I got to meet you, an out going woman is who I encountered

A woman with a huge heart, who always wanted a daughter,

who was not shy to include me into the family

The best parts of my life have been tied to the family you stayed to have

I will forever be in debt to you

Fore the life experiences, the love, and all the happyness I have experienced

Fore you alone had the ability to take this all away, whether or not you choose to believe it

And my statement still stands, one I hope you will never forget

"You treat me like a daughter, and I love you like a mother"

A Best-Friend, a Wonderful Rolemodel, an Amazing Mom.

Love, your Daughter by choice


P.S. They say you don't get to pick your family,

well I picked your son, I picked your family, I 

picked MY family.


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My family
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