Back to the Mainland

Scared, worried, alone;

Emotions flooding my concious. 

These feelings won't subside.

Almost like waves crashing against the shore,

Of that lonley island I sat on.


My world is turning,

My friends are gone.

Their tears of desperation and anxiety,

Washed away into the ocean.


My parents are frightened,

an alarm is ringing in their ears,

to wake up!

But they can't find me.


I see the same thing every day,

warm sand against my feet,

the harsh, hot wind is hitting my cheeks.

I'm unprepared for this harsh reality.

I'm alone and my dream is on the mainland.


Days pass and many cruise ships have gone by,

but the rich folks wave goodbye to me.

They earned their share,

why can't I?


Why can't I?


The last day was so dull,

I knew my dream was gone.

I scratched at the trees,

I yelled at the sun as it glared down at me.


"Why can't I!?"

My feet were raw and bleeding,

my hands were dirty and worn out.

My mind was lost,

and my heart was shaking.


Desperation caused me to run.

Into the ocean I ran!

I clawed at the water and I begged the fishes,

"Take me! Please! I want my dream..."


The water overpowered me,

I slipped under,

I felt compressed against the salty waves,

as desperation sucked the life out of me.


My tears supplied the ocean.

My dream designed the clouds.

My family could not help me

and me and my friends were going to drown.



I swam to the blistering sun!

I coughed up the ocean and I swam,

I swam, I swam, I swam!

All the way to the mainland!


So close,

so near,

my arm reached out for it.

I need my dream.


I want to live.

I want to live!

I want,

I need,

to live.


That lonley island takes me places,

far from my comfortable dream.

It sufficates me with tears,

and burns my feet with truth.

I lose my sanity on the island.

I lose myself too.


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
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