Verified Frenzy

Sat, 05/05/2018 - 04:12 -- 1nwao

I'm verified
I mean on twitter and IG, not on life
I mean it's just like:
to get that blue check☑ on your profile
Celebrity status is the main price
No real difference between getting heard or being known
Just create enough awareness and you could be the talk of the town
Positive or negative deeds don't matter anymore
Just get to the big brother house even if you have no plans to win the millions
No talent to compete with others, yet you passed auditions
But you could care less now you're famous, let them talk on
That's the desperation that pushes this generation
Excess emphasis on gaining popularity with follows and drawing attention via likes and mentions
Woh, I've got a million followers
Now they'll follow back some more
Where are we even going, dear journeyman
Because as I look around, I see no man's land
We're all lost in this wilderness
Where a stroll by exposes one to padded bums and sagacious breasts
Okay, I'm supposed to lead the way, I guess
But I did, and no one followed suit because I was dressed, besides
I'm not even verified
I lied, like most of us online
Or I probably didn't, I only ticked it in my minds eye
So don't vilify me, I'm very much verified
Not by Mark Zuckerberg, but by I myself!

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Our world
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