Sympathy .2

Feeling sorrow as if it were my own 

My heart endures and fills with emotion 

as if it were a glass of wine on a Sunday evening

It's quite beautiful,

the raw tissue, the scars, the strength withheld

The way you express yourself

I wonder, how are you able to take in these burdens? 

Yet, here you are with your own. 


Not in this position

Sometimes we wish it were different, sometimes we wish we could unsee 

the errors, the faults

But then we see visions unfold

Don't forget about the doubters or the quitters, for they have their reasons

We chose this route 

Set up the motivation

Contemplating and 

making suggestions

Giving advice, as if you held all the answers, 

But you don't, do you? 

Now tell me friend, 

Do you need a friend, too? 

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