Love is the greatest gift of god

Love! Thats the great beauty of life.
We should know it because we feel it.
So, its normally happened to each one of us.
No one will be exempted,
Even how the person elude this kind of feelings.

Im coward to be hurt again,
But i still love
Even though I knew its painful,
It's a hard one.
And oh! Its dangerous!
Cause it might be the destroyer of my future.
But i wont let this love ruin my life again.
Because love is a formity of beauty;
And not a disfigurement of delightfulness.

Oh love! What a wonderful grace you are.
You made me crazy, you made me cry,
You made me mad, you made me lonely,
You hurt me more but you make me happy!

Oh love! Im addicted to you.
You've fly me to the moon.
You buried me to the core of my heavenly soul.
Your my weakness! So, what ever regrets,
Love is the greatest gift of god.

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My family
My community
My country
Our world
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Mhil Rose

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