Thank You


To the people who said they were my friends then completely ruined me:

Thank you.


Thank you for totally destroying my ability to trust anyone.

Because of you I’m always questioning the intentions of anyone who is even remotely nice to me.

I mean, they couldn’t be acting kindly because they actually like me;

you certainly weren’t.


Now, my friends of nearly ten years have gotten used to trying to mitigate the damage you’ve caused.

They know that this suspicion has become part of my nature, and they know where it started.

It started with you and your plot to isolate me.

A plot that, might I remind you, worked perfectly.

So now I remain isolated of my own volition.

My lack of trust has now become ingrained in who I am.

So, thank you, sincerely.

Thank you for giving me trust issues and a list of mental illnesses a mile long.

I’m sure it’ll come in handy eventually.

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