What Is Love?


For some people they would say it would be for money

Some might even say it is just for pleasure

Rarely some might say it is your life and someone you care

To me love is when a person says I love you every day

As if it were last day of life itself

To me it is where they love for who you are in the inside

Not a person who just say they love you and leave

To me it is like your twin in life that you can’t live without

This is true love I am talking about

Some of you take this as a joke

When a person loves you they don’t beat you

When a person does something to you that you don’t like

And then you say but they love me, they don’t love you

Then they give you all these gifts

But never show their true love

They only do that just for the pleasure of keeping you

But love is where they truly care, they think about you

Everyday is a memory that you will never forget

When you had your first kiss

When you had your first date

Or even when you became friends with the one you truly love

It is your choice to make

Try to choose who you love wisely

If you can trust them, and they trust you

All the lies you told me

You said you were my friend

You said you cared about me

But now I know you were a fake

But now I know you only love me for the pleasure

Now I know you don’t care about me at all

I never told lies to you

I trusted you

Now I know that was a mistake

I was so naive to even believe you

The things I said to you I take back

You think I didn’t know anything about you

You think I am dumb

Do you even think I wouldn’t figure you would do this to me

I was once a lost soul who didn’t know what to do

I was once a girl who was left on her own

I was once someone who knew what the world was like

But I never thought this place could be cruel like you were

now I have moved on with my life

You are still trying to find me

But I assure you, never will you find me broken hearted ever again

You will never find my soul

It is already gone

I am better off without you

I am better off being alone as I once was

I am better off finding a life that you never had

This is my life

You lied never will I trust you, these are all the lies you told me


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