It was 4 a.m on Friday
When my thoughts all got lost
It all seemed like a bad day
As my memory appeared short
deep and intense in thoughts
My head began to spin,
My hands couldn't feel a pin.

I fear my shadows were chasing after me
Yet I couldn't run away from me.
What i left behind
Has gone far ahead in time.
Chill runs down my spine
A time I lost my shine.
Fears has become my companion
Hunts have come for a reunion.

I played a second fiddle
I remained in the middle
Like a boat propeller,
I became a paddle
My back became your saddle.

Once I became elevated
A Night I became appreciated
With time my joy exaggerated.

Happiness never left me again
With her all in life I've gained
Now I'm to forget the pain
Thanking the skies I didn't go insane.

Nightmares has set my dream
Sunset has become my dawn
Rainfall has become my stream
Fire has caught my fawn.

Tears set up to roll
With strength I tied them up
Went out in the dark for stroll,
Puzzled how I'm falling from the top,
Like a tempest I couldn't stop.

Trust is now my greatest fear
It has given me pains to bear
It led me into tear
It gave me a glass to cheer
Only to throw me for years.

Supreme Queen of my heart
Do not reopen for me this path
Survival might not find me this time,
As waters I will become rime.
Look with love upon me
I promise to worship thee.

My hearts restlessness is now my friend
Its path has become my trend
For my heart I could fend.
Life has played me
Love has fooled me
Trust has betrayed me
Hope gave up on me
Supreme Queen of my heart
With care look upon me.

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