my life is going to keep moving with or without you, 

I really hope it’s with you but know I can do without you. 

You asked me if I would die for you 

and I told you...

hoping your soul was listening too..

that I’d do better than just die for you, 

I’d survive for you and with you by your side ready for what dreams may come

 and crash just as fast as they were thought of. 

The reality of it is I’m dying for you but still never felt so alive. 

I’m dying to feel but I’m living while feeling these love songs and thrills. 

Im in some sort of three legged race consisting of my heart head and eyes.. 

my heart wants one thing

 my eyes see the opposite

 yet my brain doesn’t want to knowledge any of it. Am I going to run to you 


from you 

because even if you’re everything i THINK I ever wanted I’m faced with the fear that the one closest to me is the monster 

and soon you’ll be under my bed haunting me.. 

but not in the form of the boogy man,


you’ll be the spoken word I write in my journal every night 

until I can fathom the thought of life without you

...I soon realize the hardest part was turning the light on...

know that my form of revenge is always going to be artistic and never personal. 

I’ll keep on growing like the flower I am while you become the weed that clings on

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