My mentor - but he will never know

Tue, 08/21/2018 - 21:28 -- eg99

When hearing the phrase

"O Captain, My Captain"

I can only think of one person to

fit this criteria.

Robin Williams is and was

the only person to

accurately portray what it was like

to struggle

on the inside, but

not show it on the outside.

For years I struggled

with myself

in many different ways.

I could not explain nor

could I deal with my emotions.

I only realized afterwards,

when he had passed away,

how much I could relate.

His movie roles made me feel a way

I could not explain.

Particularly, Mr. Keating

is a man of great impact

in my mind.

An important reason for

me to become a teacher,

and teach kids to

think for themselves.

One day I will be

able to impact them to

think freely and

overcome their problems

as I once did

and am still trying to do.

Robin Williams will

always be my mentor.

Although he will never know.

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