I Am

I am the broken silence
The one you left behind
The cracked brush and dried gel
The burned hands
The ones who worked for everything the white man and woman were easily given
I am the kinky hair
The one whose hair is as thick as a bush
Coils only those of chocolate skin could have
I am beautiful
The only one who could be me is me
No matter how much plastic you put in you
The best pearly teeth for the best smile
You can not replace me
For I am the mother
The one that without me, you would not be here
You can not contain me
For I am a woman
Not only am I a woman but a strong one
My momma raised me to have the courage of 10 men
You can not break me
No matter how tight you make the noose and high you place it on the branch
I am the voice for thousands who lost theirs
I can only speak from experience and through the message of my ancestors
You can not silence me
Even after my time I will still be here
Speaking, helping, comforting
I am a woman and not only am I a woman
I am a strong black woman

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world
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