Pure,pure love

I have been kissed by thorns and by pink roses
I have smelled like pure love and smelled like pure loathing
The thorns I saw, shrugged off and pretended to forget
The pink pink roses of pure love I embraced with heart, body and soul
I loved, I loved,I loved and now I hurt, I hurt, I hurt
My pure love is tainted by,
Cold calculations, snide sceptics and what's in it for me.
Is it you?
Is it me?
Don't know whose head to put this blame on.
Then I remember, remember how purely someone loved and still loves me
Someone whose sunny kisses could coax a smile out of me once
Someone whose pure love has been true, through time
Someone whose love has been shown countless times
Someone who would take me back no matter the taint
I remember that someone like Jesus loves me
And I have hope.

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Jan Wienen

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