Why Can't I Be Like...

Why Can't I Be Like...


There comes a time

where everyone does

or has something


While I just sit

and look around

at what's going on.


Knowing that I can't

won't be

and ever be

like them.


I can't help it.


Comparing myself to others

is just something natural

and it tears at me,

depressing me,

hurting me,

killing me



Life seems so simple

when I look at other's.


It's so unfair

but I know it's not.


I can't help it.


I'm jealous of people,

they always have something better

than I do and I want something like it.


Why can't my life

be like theirs?


A girlfriend,

great friends,

an interesting past,

and happiness.


One of those,

just one,

would be nice.


I know I have

at least one of them,

comparing myself to theirs

is what gets me.


Why can't I be like



I feel so defeated

because I won't,

I know I can't ever

be like them.


The good things

that people have

seem to skate


and away

from me.


Like I can't

find the

good things

in life.


I have found

some of these things,

I can't and won't

go after them.


I like my friend,

but she has a boyfriend.


I can't and won't

hurt that,

it's not in me to do

since she's already happy.


It depresses me

that I get closer to her

every day as

we become

better friends

only to know

that we will only

ever be friends.


This depresses me more

since this


the first time



I was like her,

with someone

that made me happy,

but she hurt me,

left me,

found another

soon after.


I don't know

if it's my fault,

or that

I'm cursed

to be upset


and hurt.


Why can't I be like


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