It's not over

I know you feel like a failure. I know this wasn’t your plan. Going into your fifth year of school left you hurting, disappointed, ashamed. Oh so ashamed. The friends you came in with nervous and afraid got to walk across that stage the announcer calling every name. They were proud, their families cheered and they cried tears of joy because they made it! Wait, where were you? That's right, you weren't there. You were hours away trying to escape the misery, the pain, the anguish because you tried your hardest and yet you still failed. But you’re wrong. You thought your family would disown you. You thought that your friends would mock you. You thought that taking a little longer would make you a failure, when you’re really a survivor. A true survivor, learning, growing, and exploring true adulthood. Now you’re ready for things not to go your way. Now you’re ready to be patient and let the chips fall where they may. You’re ready for life, ready for a story, ready for a testimony that disabled doesn’t mean unable. So rise up and pack your bags it’s almost time, the sun is soon going to rise across that western sky. Take a deep breath it’s not over yet, at the end of the year the announcer is going to call your  name all of your friends and family will cheer but until then just wait. Remember it’s only the first day. 

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