Wed, 01/03/2018 - 10:57 -- jemrose

Dear Me:


You’re finding steps where steps didn’t used to be

I admire that, I really do

Days have gotten harder and you’re still

Finding smiles where you couldn’t

There isn’t a rhyme scheme anymore

Time has passed and it’s gotten boring

Forget any of that bull—

It’s easier just going on.


Hey me,

Hey you,

In the mirror

Brushing your teeth and fixing your hair.

Remember last year in your bedroom

Finding the pills in your hands and

Finding the note on the bed?

Remember Gran’s house

Being scrawny and four

Finding your cousin taking something

That wasn’t his?

Taking your body in his hands and

Dirtying it?

I’m guessing you try not to think of it

When Mom and Dad don’t even know about any of it

The counselor tries to talk about it—

No, not yet

We’re not there yet

Recovery is happening

Just not that fast


Remember past New Year’s?

Drinking with big brothers

Even though you shouldn’t have?

Smoking tricky substances

Even if you shouldn’t have?

It was fun

The most fun in a long time

The cold weather froze you to your bones

But the smile couldn’t be wiped off.

Even if friends threw up the magic serum

From their warm bellies.

Even if you felt that tinge of sadness

When Mom couldn’t bring herself to care

To ask you where you were at 4 AM—

It’s okay

It’s all okay


Next year is Seattle

Or maybe Berkeley

But it’s far away

All your emotions can take a break

A vacation from your silly brain

Independent girl

With Susanna by her side

Silly brain with a bass guitar

It’s tying guitar strings to foggy dreams

It’s tying hopes to art folk

Belonging somewhere once for a while

Hopefully you make it to Sweden

the big city lights

Hopefully you make it bright

After being dull for so long


Dear me,

You’re finding staircases leading to heaven-like places

I admire that, I really do

Days have gotten longer and you’re still

Finding words where there weren’t any

There isn’t a forced hand anymore

Time has passed and it doesn’t work

Forget any of that bull—

It’s easier just going on.

Here's to hoping.


Sincerely from

Me, myself, and I

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My family
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