My weapon

Wed, 08/30/2017 - 22:50 -- Zargba

Straight out of my mother's womb, all I see is darkness..
Watching fireworks shooting from one horizon to another filled me with so many joys, but then I realized that it was bullets.
People scattered everywhere, fearing for their lives; nowhere to go and nowhere to hide..
That particular questions kept ringing in my mind. Why must one run for their lives just because of one’s selfishness.
Rebels ubiquitously in the streets capturing innocent children and turning them into child soldiers; raping females; eating human's heart and doing all sort of inhuman act...
Lucifer all around me trying to conjugating my thoughts; nevertheless, I'm a descendant of Solomon.
I must used this God given wisdom to conquer this situation. I must never give up because my mother did not give up as she push me out of her womb and give me life.
So many lives were lost; so many happiness were taken away because of power .
Now, here I'm starting fresh in a different country with so many opportunities.
This opportunity that I seek for is presented and I shall take advantage of it
Education is the key to success; it will never be taken away, nor shall it be given. A man with a book in his hand is a dangerous man, and I shall become one.

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