Black in AmeriKKKa

Fri, 03/17/2017 - 13:20 -- Tiaye

America.Red, White, and Blue. The nation I live in, and so do you.The symbol to be free. All the red blood shed, by the whites in blue. You're choking me,I cannot breathe,What wrong did I do?Pushed down to the street.Beat my face in, pulled my arm out it's socket, pulled your gun out and cocked it. Oh no, not this again.Cold brass tips piercing me in the back. breath leaving, Life coming to an end. You murdered me. Then had the nerve to say I attacked. Man really? There's so much corruption in government,The politics, the justice The police.We're tired of the suffering.We have had enough of it,We get no justice you get no peace trying to get world convinced, That you're shooting us down, cause we act like lunatics.But the cameras contradicts, the lies in your story that you wrote out in your script.I'm so sick of this. Corrupt cops not being put away,This is madness! You make me afraid to go outside cause I might not live. That's no way for a kid to feel!Worrying if he's about to get killed.My mother shouldn't have to fear every time I leave. What's the point of living in a land that's claims to be free, If I'm always locked in my home for my own safety?   I'm so sick of these homeland attacks! I love America but does it love me back? I love the red white and blue. But my question is,Is does it love my black too? 

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My family
My community
My country
Our world
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