Mornings Truthfully Told

Mornings Truthfully Told

D.C. Gonzalez


If I told you truthfully what makes the tiles behind my lips show,

I would have to tell you it’s my love for hot lasagna after toiling with the dough


Every day another venture before cramming in the notes.

Every recipe a bountiful lecture that reaps the benefits of what is sown.


If I told you truthfully what makes the wonder and glee shine through,

My eyes would say, "Presentation!" and unashamedly devour my thoughts before I could even chew.


I could never be a prized baker or a whiz crowned above a stove,

But I can I do what little I can to please the tastes in my own alcove.


So it is. So it shall be.

Though textbooks get to me.


Check the clock.

Tick. Tock.


Another minute or two

Until I have my hot lasagna

And my paper is due.


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