I am listening again!

Tue, 10/20/2015 - 18:47 -- Mercy J

Looking back to the me who listened only to her heart,

The me who turned off the voices from others,

The me who focused only on what she wants,

And only looked towards her dreams,

I realized how far away I am from ‘that’ me.


I once listened to the voices in my heart,

In my dreams,

In the deepest part of me.

The voices that told of a bright future,

A glorious path that looked better than paradise,

A future where I change my generation positively.

When did I stop listening?


When did I turn off that voice?

When did I turn on the voices from others?

What happened to my paradise?

The only answer I know of is LIFE!


Life took me away from ‘that’ me

It brought difficulties my way.

It made me feel weak,



And filled me up with doubts and fear.


I thought I could handle my dreams,

I thought I could be the change,

But life showed me otherwise.

Why did you make my heart desires worthless, life?

My heart cries out to be heard again!

It pleads for me to stop listening to the voices from others,

To believe again and stand up!

To see my paradise again and hope in myself,

To look up to God again and trust in him.

Can I listen again?


Can I get back up again?

YES, I can! I am still here!

I am still alive… why not listen again?


Sure there’s life with its difficulties,

With its dream crushers,

With its uncertainty, fear, and doubt.

But I have the voice in my heart,

In my deepest being,

The voice that lifts me up!

That would always speak out if I listen

And I would listen…


I once listened, so why not go back to listening again?

I did it before, I can do it again and again,

Until I am back to the me I was

With God and my family,

I have the courage to listen again



─Mercy J

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