To my sister

Our father tells me to never stop loving you, 

for you will always be my sister. 

But I no longer know what I feel for you,

some days I miss your presence but other days I hate you. 

No matter how much I wish and pray, 

I can never get you out of my mind. 

Because its you, its always you, filling up the wind. 


Nevermind the words I spoke to you with love, 

but instead feel my hatred. 

You left me torn apart, all I wanted was your love and your support. 

And you gave me nothing. 


I chose you over my family for what?

You may be a part of me, but you will never be my sister.

Nevermind the love, forget the memories;

although I do not have to tell you that for you burned those to the ground. 

You forgot I was a part of your life, 

and now you want me back as your sister. 

To this I say goodbye to the memories we had as little girls, 

goodbye to the little girl with light in her eyes,

goodbye to the moments we had.

Nevermind to the past, and the girl you once knew. 

She no longer exists. 


Sincerely, the sister you refused to acknowledge. 

This poem is about: 
My family
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