A Question to Answer

A question I ask
Dear reader
Search the lowly recesses
Of your mind
As I bring forth
A question
Of a passion
That promised
To be unending
Only to have
The promise broken
Like glass
That got tossed
In the street
Search the lowly recesses
Of you r mind
Dear reader
As I bring forth
A heart that was fragile
That was more precious
That a jewel
Given so trusting
To someone
To only have
That someone
Hurt you deeply
Making you feel
And the biggest type
Of fool
I ask you
Dear reader
Why bother to love
Once again
When they all turn out
Why bother
To open yourself
To someone
When they all decide
That it is better
To play a game
That I don’t want
To play
Dear reader
I ponder
As I lie
In the dead of night
Is it easy
To love the wrong one
Are they all the same
Are they all liars
With no conscious
Like shoes
With no soles
But I question you
Dear reader
As I lie here
In the dead of night
Who can I turn to?
For comfort and joy
When all is being said
Is nothing but lies
That are so 8 track played
Dear reader
Who will lift me up
When the world
Turns into a chaotic melee
Who can I trust my heart to
With my heart
Fragile like crystal
When in the end
As the cold winds blow
All that is left
When dawn
Breaks thru
The dam of night
Is a woman
Who struggles?
to stand
While her heart
So fragile
Forever bleeds
Dear reader
I question you
Answer me.


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