Dear Our World

Dear Our World,

Husband, Wife,
Father, Mother,
Aunt, Uncle,
Sister, Brother,
Grandpa, Cousin,
Grandma, Best Friend.
No matter where you are or where you live War is not something we should be in.
People dying every way, because someone decided they were mad that day.
Guns a-blazin', run for your life, pray to God you see tonight. Family waiting for you to come home, hopefully, it's not with a flag fold.
Call home sighs of relief, cross your fingers no one gives you any grief.
Back to the battle, tanks roll in, hunker down and pray we win.
Your buddy's been hit, and asks "how bad is it?"
You swallow the lumps and say "just a couple scrapes and bumps."
Shots echo, bombs come flying, your buddy already knows you're lying.
Begin to fight back one last glance, this is probably the only chance.
Shooting pain, no more gain.
Seeing red, are you dead?
White flag flying up really high, did you win before you die?
Cheers irrupt as the battle meets its end, but cries break out at the large loss of friends.
Fighting a battle, fighting a war, that's enough the world can't take much more!
You might have won, but many have lost, all because we didn't care what it cost.
We knew what we wanted no matter what we had to do, are you happy with what you did ensue?
Lives were lost and people mourn, do you see the people you've torn?
There must be peace now and forever, we as a world need to stick together.
No more using guns to fight our battles, but words and peace instead of herding people to die like cattle.
Peace, now and together, will you stand with me forever?

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Our world
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