Math Anxiety

Tue, 03/12/2019 - 16:31 -- Ali.M14

When I see xy+5 = y

I see college algebra

I know it's easy

But my head spins round and round

I feel like I'll pass out and probably die


From graphs to quadratics 

Every formula I see I begin to cry

Math oh math, please don't torture me.

I'm doing my best, I really am!


Sitting in the student center in San Jacinto College

I get free college tutorials 

I manage to sit up strong even though I feel like running away

I feel confident for a few hours of studying math

But get paralyzed thinking about math the very next day.


When the math exam is up next

I wish I was dead

The day before the exam I wish it rained heavy

So maybe the class could be canceled

I also wish my professor was sick!

So maybe I could get the exam the next time we go to class!


Doing math is easy

But dealing with the anxiety isn't

I'm not confident in math

And I sure don't give up fast


I might suffer a heart attack or maybe a stroke because of Math

My hair might even turn silver because of all stress

"Math is all about practice," they say.

It's easier said than done!


I promise myself that I will fight this fear no matter how bad it gets,

Even if I am dead and gone!


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