It Just Happend

The screams of children,

running and play.

Accros the monkey bars, and swings we played.


We were all alike to the aduts that monitored,

we were children they'd say.

Yes, all alike, all the same

yet some were different heading into 6th grade.


I noticed the diffrence between now and then,

I wasn't the same little girl that I was back then.

Not only did my body changed.

But my mind and thoughts,

where no longer the same.


The people I had seen for so long,

were not alike in anyway.

All hooked on "phones,"

all hooked on their "new ways."


I was no diffrent,

we all had a faze.

"I wasn't as bad."

Is what I used to say.


But lets face it,

we all went though a change.

"A change is not bad in anyway,"

At least that's what my mother used to say.


But its not as bad as I might say,

your eyes are open to brand new pathways.


Although I have to say,

not a lot has changed.

Still bad at English? 

Yup, thats still the same!


But at least I can say,

I see the world in a bright new way!


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