Baby Boy

Mon, 11/06/2017 - 21:04 -- Jaizon

From the moment you opened your eyes,

I knew my whole world would change.

All my woes and sorrows disappeared,

As I heard your first Cries.

It was as if you took mommy's sorrows,

and let it out in one big shout.

Oh how i love you my baby boy.


We'll grow up together,

Laugh and cry,

And through your future endeavors,

I'll support you every step of the way.

You are apart of me after all,

Your bound to make mistakes.

But no matter what i'll love you,

Unconditional and true.

Oh baby boy how much i love you,

You made my world anew.


As you get older you venture,

Away from mommy's safe arms.

But no matter what baby boy,

I'll protect you from harm.

I worry about you when you are away,

when you are at your new school

I wonder if its treating you okay

The cruel cold world away from mothers warm touch.

Oh baby boy how much i worry for you.



My baby boy can finally fly,

Away from the nest where i nurtured you so.

Oh how much i love you baby boy.

Grown and on your own without my guidance, 

Fighting for your place in the world.

Oh baby boy how much i worry for you.

The bond between us will forever be strong,

And I know you'll make a difference in this world.

Oh baby boy how proud you make me.


And its because I love you that i will never cease to have faith in you,

And its because from the moment you opened you opened your eyes,

I knew you would make mommy proud.


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