14 Ways of Looking at The Celebration

Why are they so happy

It’s not like he’s coming back

I think this is dumb


They are all really old

Like, boarding on ancient

I hope no one dies


There’s this guy named Troy

He had a stroke at the party

An ambulance came


There is so much food

But too much potato salad

Why is there so much?


I ate way too much

But there’s still cake that I want

Guess room must be made


So, I ate the cake

Now my stomach is cramping

I’m in a bad mood


They surrounded me

Now they keep trying to talk

Just leave me alone


None of them can sing

They sound like cats in blenders

Please, God, make it stop


Standing in the yard

I’m trying not to get bit

There’s so many ants


I keep forgetting

The ice in my cup melted

Now the punch tastes gross


There’s a couple kids

Running around all happy

They don’t understand


She calls it “closure”

I call it a waste of time

He’s still six feet under


They’ve all gone home now

Left all their trash in the yard

They all got closure


I didn’t get it

I don’t think I ever will

I’m not over it

This poem is about: 
My family
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