Love At First Sight

Love at first sight

does it truly exist? 

I’ve heard them say it’s true

But I never believed in it

until the day I met you

It was all so subtle 

Florida’s rays beating down

against my back

Caribbean waves 

beckoning my eagerness 

You were in the gym

My intentions were clear

How you didn’t see them

I’ll never understand

I don’t work out

I’ve tried and I’ve failed

But you saw past all of that

letting the true me prevail

Our paths parted

only to reconnect once again

We became inseparable

Canada and America

united as friends

We spoke every day

Messenger was our savior

Oh how I loved the sound of your voice

It tucked me into bed every night

A year is a long time

Together we’ve been through it all

We had become each others best friend

Soul mates

The other’s half

Distance couldn’t keep us apart

Isn’t it amazing? 

How your obliviousness has kept you blind

Just like the day we first met

I fell for you then

but now…

I’m sure

My intentions for you

are so much more

I see the future

And you are in it

Down on one knee

till death do us part


I don’t need to check my phone

to know that it’s you

One day I’ll say the words

that I have always meant to say

But for now I’ll just save them

for another day

It’s been almost a year

Our anniversary is coming up

I’ll tell you eventually 

I always do 

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