Quest for Prosperity by Corey Davis


Hinesville, GA ; Liberty County
1065 Keith Drive
United States
38° 49' 0.75" N, 104° 44' 14.28" W

Quest for Prosperity Hello there citizens of Hinesville, GA and all of Liberty County, and citizens of the Earth. I come before all of you today to speak upon a golden truth; a truth that could unlock many doors in your closed hearts, a truth that could set us all free. You see, the truth is, there is a quest for peace and prosperity that needs to be solved. You see, every morning I look on the news and see many despicable acts of killings, bullying, depression; all the negative tribulations out there that plan to attack us all. I see many lives being crumbled. I see negativity spreading across many schools across the globe. The lightness of the day is being overthrown by the darkness of the night.     So what happens there? What happens now? Is there such thing as true prosperity? I have many dreams of a utopian universe. I have many dreams of love, respect, unity, and most of all... "Peace". So I believe that the God almighty himself can send a young man on a mission to restore peace to his community and the world with a powerful message. This young man's destiny to dedicate his own life and help those in serious need. I'm not saying this young man is a superhero or a crimefighter. I'm not calling this young man a "savior". This young man is a hero trying to stand up for what's right. Helping his people through hard times. He believes in peace and prosperity so that one day his brothers and sisters of the world can come together in love and peace.    This young man is the future of many doors that will open into everyone's hearts and minds. For that young man is Corey Davis himself. For this is not a journey, but a "Quest for Prosperity ".  The rest of the speech is within the video.  God Bless everybody. P.S.I have no rights to the Videos/B-Roll used. They came respectfully using the "VidLab" app.

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