my friends at the 6th floor

planting myself into those cold dark corners, thinking about all my gone good friends, Gone I mean gone, now living together at 6th floor. Starting from Emeka, Joy, Kelvin, Nnenna
And not even one of those that despise me.
This irony of life
This other side of life
This unfair treatment from life
This life
This great loss of lives.
I'm here standing all alone, no other good close guy around
Surrounded by those that think me Bossy
an alien.
Those who have just an unofficial incomplete one sided view of me. Having their own definition of my very own self.
I'm beginning to wonder why I'm still left among this people
Hearing everything they say
Seeing the result of their mischieves on me
Feeling the pains
Hiding all this excruciating pains behind my ever smiling face
That pain eating a part of me
My lifestyle
My being
All of me
Suddenly I began hearing The most boisterous loud cry
The loudest
The wierdiest
The most shrieking.
Then the parting
It came to my subconscious how Ken left when he also faced this same situation. I can remember those his blue pills that takes away breath without pains
The urge to end this depression increasing
The eagerness to reunite with the good ones escalating
But the morale to take the blue pill diminishing
The other voice
encouraging me to stand and go walk with the good ones again
The other voice
telling me to stay put and turn my enemies into allies
The confusion in head
The dizziness in my eyes
The deafening argument blasting my ears.
A calm that followed afterwards
A great beautiful tranquillity
The war is over, a victor has been declared
The other voice has won the other voice
I envisaged the biggest addition symbol with a worn out cloth placed on it.
The skulls tired of stinking,
the sand too thick out of blood,
the wails that has long die down but keeps on resounding in my ears
I submit myself Lord
I accept the chance to change things the way I want them to be
I think I've seen reason to live
If there's a need to be dead, this not the time
And I believe that my friends living on the 6th floor are happy for this decision of mine.
I say no to sucide
And a yes to life

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wow. this is incredible 

Ambassador Daniels Amakor

Thank you. I appreciate your appreciation

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