Going to college

Going to college isn’t a requirement Going to college is most definitely a privilege Going to college is a privilege I believe all KidsShould partake inGoing to college in our society is seen as a GrammyGoing to college is a Grammy because now your somewhere in a part of your young years you thought you’d never beBut Going to college isn’t a game Going to college isn’t all about trying to chase the fame or being the #1 in a football or basketball game Going to college is a mental and physical thing Going to college isn’t about looking for a husband to give you that ringBecause that ring is one thing that might not lastBut that Degree won’t get past me no doubt without a fight Going to college your first year, yeah your a rookieSo no time to play hookie Going to college is a full time job that pays you back in the long run Yes, Going to college can be fun Just don’t get distracted by the partiesBecause those parties are fun and all but do they pay you in the long run?Think about thatActually just think about Going to college 

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