Why, Bully?

What makes up a bully?

What makes them commit to hurting other people?

Why, is the biggest question...

You may assume they are born like this

You may guess what their life is like at home

But you don't know

You don't.. unless you are them.


They may feel like the world is stepping on them everyday of their life

They may have their feelings and emotions locked inside of them

and..nobody has the key.


But you don't know.


They may crave attention

They may want to even have a friend

but nobody is born evil...

But like I said before.. you just don't know.


They may struggle to have a meal every night

They may not have any family to support them

They may want something more than attention, possibly love.


Obviously, somethings not right when they hurt other people


and mentally.

But, why?

You won't know unless you are the bully.


                                                                              K. Koch






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