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What if I told you there was someone special that is chasing after you each and every day of your life. And as I say these words I feel he is speaking to you right now because he does and he always shall unfortunately we are too busy paying attention to the external voices and ignoring his. See on Sunday while I attended church the pastor stood on the alter and said all we need is Faith. And get me well when I say, FAITH is all we need. And not any kind of faith, but Living faith. With all due respect, allow me put it this way, Faith is like WIFI. It is invisible but trust me, it has the ability to connect you to what you need. And as I always do, I never relate this to anyone else but me. So you ask, how has Faith helped you Edz! Faith is what gave me the courage to know that even though am going to bed with pain, I known tomorrow will be a better day. Faith is what got me up each and every day not complaining at any one point but simply knowing one day one time, I will look up to the skies and smile again. And Faith is not knowing what the future holds but knowing who holds your future. Who knew that my faith would once be a testimony to someone? You see, when he loved us he decided to love us unconditionally but because along the way we loss focus and Faith, we end up crashing and he does let us crash because he wants us to know that we are nothing without him.

So what is Faith? Faith is seeing light with your heart while all your eyes see is darkness cause while in the Darkness I always cried out Mama but my heart was always at peace cause I knew she was looking down at me telling me all you need my son is Faith. And while I always held my Faith high it simply drove the Hope out of me because Hope anchors the soul and as my soul was anchored it set a fire on the spirit that can never be put out. So I seat back and keep wondering just how someone that was just a stranger to me now means the whole world to me. And he can do the same for you because he loves us not because we are all lovable but because he is love and there is no other greater love than his.

And the greatest test of Faith is when you don’t get what you want but still able to get down on your knees and say Thank you Lord. Because when we have nothing left but God, that’s when we discover that God is all that we need. So I speak out to someone out there and tell them that with Faith as small as a mastered seed you can move mountains so never give up and simply keep your eyes locked onto Jesus because even Simon Peter did keep his eyes on Jesus and he walked on water and when he put them off him, he drowned. And I know we always learn from mistakes but insanity is knowing someone’s mistake and we do not learn from it but rather want to learn from your own. What if you never make it out of yours! How will that fell Bro?

So each and every day of life we should chose to have Faith in God because no one out there knows your name not until you tell them, no one cares about you until you show you care about them, no one will always be with you unless you are always with them but he does all this and he does it because our God is Love. And Faith upholds a Christian in all trials and Faith is believing that God is present when all we here is silence and Faith means trusting in advance what will only make sense in reverse and there is no greater Faith that you could ever have than Having Faith in Christ and its never about knowing that Christ can but rather knowing that Christ will and because he will, we are all Blessed, chosen, Adopted, Redeemed and Forgiven by the most high and that’s why our Faith should never be put out.





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